Olivia Rose - Sissified by Whitney and Olivia


Olivia Rose - Sissified by Whitney and Olivia
It is time, and Whitney and I know you are ready. You are tired of being a small-dicked embarrassing male. You have wanted to embrace your feminine side and be made a real girl by us, so we have gotten some things together to train you to be the perfect sissy! Of course, we start with your clothing. You'll have to get rid of all those boy clothes and switch out that man underwater for some pretty pink lace panties. Then, we will put you in some beautiful stockings, a hot mini skirt, heels, and doll you entirely up to be the perfect bimbo sissy whore! Of course, your training wouldn't be complete without some much-needed cock training, though. Sluts like you need to a proper stretching so we can use your holes for our selfish purposes!

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