SadisticSmother - Headscissors & Facesittig Domination


SadisticSmother - Headscissors & Facesittig Domination
Mistress Alexis head scissoring her slave for the first time. His face is in-between her thighs, as she squeezes his head you her the slave start crying and bitching. To shut him up Mistress Alexis sits full weight on his face with her perfect ass. Bouncing and grinding on his face, she switches between head scissoring & Facesitting. Theres also some ass sniffing in this clip with the slaves face inside his mistress's ass, sniffing away. *Filmed in 2 different angles* *This clip is also available on our O N L Y F A N S along with ALL of our other clips. Join our o n l y f a n s to get Instant Vip Access* : (remove the spaces) o n l y f a n s . c o m / s a d i s t I c - s m o t h e r

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