Savannah Fox - No oxygen only farts


Savannah Fox - No oxygen only farts
I know how much you love smelling all my farts. The problem is that as much as you sniff up my farts they get diluted with air. I want you to get the full smell of my aroma. With all this covid going around it was easy to get my hands on an oxygen mask. Only we are going to make some modifications. This is going to be the ultimate fart training session! Here put this on your face and pull it tight! Now instead of hooking you up to an oxygen machine you are going to be hooked up straight to my asshole! The only thing that you get to breathe for the next 5 mins is all that gas that comes out of ass! Oh look your already turning a little blue in the face, get ready this fart I'd going to be the rankest air you've ever smelt!

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