SerephDoll - Key Holder


SerephDoll - Key Holder
The thought of locking your cock up for a beautiful Goddess excites you, admit it. You've considered giving away the key to your worthless dick countless times but never had the balls to really let go. That precious piece of flesh between your thighs really holds value to you doesn't it. Well it doesn't do me. I don't give a fuck about your cock. Lock it up and hand me the key. I promise I'll be so careful with it. You trust me that I'll eventually unlock you right? Sure every time you get an erection it will be stopped by your cage but it will remind you of me, your perfect Goddess, who holds the key and owns your cock. Now that I have you locked up I forgot to tell you I have a few little adventurous trips planned that might put your key's safety in jeopardy. Oops.

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femdom brat girls chastity devices key holding & chastity goddess worship