Sinnerman Films - TRAILER - Extreme Slapping Throat Fuck


Sinnerman Films - TRAILER - Extreme Slapping Throat Fuck
THIS IS JUST A TRAILER, go click through to my main ManyVids page to go download the full 30 minute film. -------- Naughty Natali' is one of the most extreme and hardcore web-cam girls on the internet. She got in touch and wanted to do a scene where a bride gets fucked up on her wedding day by a my big cock. She particularly wanted lots and lots of face slapping plus her throat to be destroyed by relentless throat and face fucking. No matter how hard I went, she could keep taking it. Spitting, slapping, ass licking, throat being rammed by my dick + a 11 inch dildo that she devours. You have to see the video to see how much punishment she can take. This is perhaps one of the most hardcore scenes you will ever see.

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