SophieShox - Ten Commandments


SophieShox - Ten Commandments
This clip will teach you how to worship your Goddess, how to obey her Holy Ten Commandments. It will also tell you why you need to do that: Because there is no greater Goddess on Earth, in Heaven or even in Hell. Learn My Goddess law by heart, slave: 1. I am thy Goddess, Miztress Sophie 2. Thou shall worship thy Goddess every day 3. Thou shall not worship any other 4. Thou shall always obey thy Goddess' orders without hesitation 5. Thou shall not lie to thy Goddess 6. Thou shall always think of thy Goddess whenever thou touchest thyself 7. Thou shall not ejaculate without thy Goddess' permission 8. Thou shall confess any sins and disobedience to thy Goddess immediately and gratefully accept any punishment She bestowes upon you 9. Thou shall sacrifice to thy Goddess 10. Thou shall devote thy life to pleasing thy Goddess

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