Sucia Loves - Boyfriend Fantasy BBC Cuckold


Sucia Loves - Boyfriend Fantasy BBC Cuckold
You're my ultra boring, ultra sissy boyfriend and I can't figure out how to admit I am fucking tired of you. Your dick just isnt cutting it for me. So I go take my mind off of you at the gym and end up getting my panties soaked over this hot muscular black guy at the gym. I HAD to come home and just let it all out! I tell you all about me staring at his bulge thru his basketball shorts, how sexy he looked with sweat dripping down every inch of him. I notice as I am confessing my boredom with you that you start to get hard, and I think you're actually fucking liking the idea of me fooling around with this guy from the gym! IN FRONT OF YOU! God you're sick!! But I indulge your fantasy anyways, teasing you and reminding you that your cock won't ever please me like his would. I make you jerk off on my big black toy that I secretly purchased after the gym to fuck behind your back as I thought of him pounding me. Looks like it was a perfect addition to this little talk of ours

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