SunnyMegatron - How to Dominate Online - Podcast


SunnyMegatron - How to Dominate Online - Podcast
This episode is ESPECIALLY helpful for online/digital Dommes! ---> Grab a pen because this episode is jam-packed with valuable info! For the first time, Sunny Megatron publicly divulges all of her long-distance sexytime tools. We’ve never seen such a comprehensive list of apps, programs, techniques, and creative ideas for keeping your LDR hot and fresh. This information can be used for ongoing dom/sub relationships, one-off BDSM scenes, cam performers and online pro-doms, cybersex with strangers online, or getting it on with yourself online. Although quite a bit of it is related to kink– these resources aren’t only for people into BDSM. Many of these tools and techniques can be used by folks that fall more on the vanilla end of the spectrum too. Show Notes: & Sex with Sunny Megatron on Showtime TV

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