TAWorship - Magic Big Foot Growth Spell


TAWorship - Magic Big Foot Growth Spell
Bella is confused that none of her shoes fit. All of Bella's shoes fit perfect yesterday but now they only fit half way. Bella's can only fit half her foot into her shoes and is freaking out. Bella's roommate Aryanna is sitting with a devious look on her face. Bella keeps trying on her shoes and is still confused to what is going on. Finally Aryanna spills the beans. Aryanna admits she used black magic on Bella and made her feet grow double there size. Bella is shocked and demands she reverse the spell. Ayanna laughs and tells Bella she will only reverse the spell if she allows her to have her way with her feet. Bella will do anything to get her feet back to her normal size so she agrees. Aryanna then gets on the floor and has her way with Bella's giant feet'

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