TheDominicKing - Dominic Gives Aria Real Enema Punishment


TheDominicKing - Dominic Gives Aria Real Enema Punishment
Aria was a bad girl before coming out to visit Daddy Dominic. She lost her license and never bothered to mention this to daddy or handle the situation like an adult. As a result, Aria was given the full treatment punishment. First, Aria receives a hard hand spanking on her already smacked and plugged bottom (she earned the plug in another video from the morning which was in all day). After daddy turns her bottom red with his hand, he moves on to the leather paddle next. She decides not to sit still so Dominic whacks her with a volley of hard paddle swats. With Aria's cheeks ablaze from her spanks, Dominic fills her naughty bottom up with a nice, warm enema. Little girls who fail to adult or misbehave sit in messy diapers. Aria knows the rules as she capitulates to daddy's will. Once her ass is filled all up, Dominic returns Aria back to diapers like a silly little ch!ld. Aria rushes to the corner where she proceeds to make messies for daddy. The back of her pampers fill up from the messy enema. She is overcome with shame and embarrassment, but also turned on from the humiliation. Daddy Dominic wants her to get used to only cumming in a messy diaper so every time she messes, she may use the magic wand to masturbate. Encouraging this behavior, naughty little messy Aria uses the vibrator to climax three times in her foul, awful mess. This is the only time when such a dirty act is allowed so she decides to make the most of it!

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