TheTabithaJane - Island Fae Mesmerize


TheTabithaJane - Island Fae Mesmerize
You're lost in the woods of an island when you find a woman walking by. She ushers you out of the woods, under some mysterious arched branches. Immediately, you feel a shift but can't quite put your finger on it. You're so overheated and hungry. She offers you fruits that are growing abundantly everywhere, and after eating some you feel relaxed and much more trusting. She leads you to a water area where you can hear the nearby falls. She strips and lures you into the water with her. The cool water on youur skin feels good. She talks to you slowly and assuring you that your life here is forever now. You can stay witj her in this paradise everlasting with the fruit of the land and soft lapping sounds of the water. Your life and soul beling to her now, and looking at her gorgeous body and hearing her soft voice, you know it to be true.

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mesmerize outdoors magic control forest magic