TheTabithaJane - My Sissy Betrayed Me- SissyHumiliation


TheTabithaJane - My Sissy Betrayed Me- SissyHumiliation
Background info: I have known you, my Sissy Girl, for some time. I am your Mistress and you only live for make me happy & to do anything I ask of you. I have been happy to indulge your love of wearing lingerie as I know this is your one true love (apart from me!). I have stipulated that you can only Jerk Off to me (no other female) and I have you so well trained, that the moment I say 'five' you must grab your cock and start Jerking Off, as I have always given you a Cum Countdown from 5 to 1. I have complete control of your mind, your cock and your cum! Movie details:  I am topless wearing a pair of panties, with stockings and a garter belt. I have found a pair of worn female panties in the bedroom of my Sissy Girl- and they are not my panties! My Sissy Girl must have been sniffing these panties while Jerking Off.. My Sissy Girl has betrayed me and quite rightly I am soooo upset and Angry .. How dare she Jerk Off to any other worn panties apart from mine !!...I will make her pay dearly to betray me, her only Mistress ... I call my Sissy Girl into my room .. and unleash my degradation and punishment as she deserves. POV Custom Release

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