Trish Collins - ANAL - Schoolgirl wants the D


Trish Collins - ANAL - Schoolgirl wants the D
I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on my first anal vid, but i was pretty disappointed about the lighting – you know I have a taste for natural light. I knew right away I would make a second anal sex roleplay video, and here it is ! I think this version is way better than the first one, because I was way more involved there; the vid is about two students skipping classes, because I was kinda horny and leapt on this occasion to drag you home and have sex with you. I tease you with my buttplug, then beg for your cock – I become out of control and demand to be taken on my couch until we climax at the same time. I always keep my vids pretty simple, but I do hope you like them this way. Thanks and have fun ! Trish

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