wowarielle - Ex-Bestfriend Ass Squishing


wowarielle - Ex-Bestfriend Ass Squishing
Me ( Olivia ) and you were best friends and you were dating this boy in our school but lately he’s been distant and you want to find out why . You later then find out he visits my house , feeling betrayed you think of ways to humiliate me . You then call me to come over so we could talk . ( scene starts ) we’re sitting on the couch and you give me one chance to come clean and I lie , you then sit me down and then stands over me saying “ this is what happens to liars “ you then squish me with your butt while calling me a bitch , hoe etc . While squishing me you start liking the fact that I’m at your mercy so you tell me “ if your sorry show me , kiss my ass “ at first I don’t do it because I’m still in shock from having your butt in my face . You then grab my head and shove me in so I could kiss it . Hearing my Yelps you start laughing out loud and says “ this is what ex best friends get “ you then get up and let me breathe . You laugh and say “ good girl “ Eat it all up . I start tapping but you don’t let me up and after a while I fell *. You get up and laugh and say “ next time stay away from my man “ and gave me a long kiss goodbye.

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