wowarielle - Gold Digging GF Locks Your Cock


wowarielle - Gold Digging GF Locks Your Cock
Do you love this super sexy outfit I wore for you tonight babe? I know it's still kind of hard to believe you managed to snag a woman this beautiful. The last few weeks of our relationship has felt like a DREAM, things couldn't have gone any better. Tonight I've decided to treat you & take our relationship to the next step, I know ever since you laid eyes on me at the mall you've wanted to fuck the .... out of me. I know you've been fantasizing about what these juicy lips & hot body can do. Tonight we're finally going to have sex, all you have to do is lay down & close your eyes. Just lay back & let me do all the work for you. Don't mind that cold metal feeling... it's just the CHASTITY device I've decided to lock you in. Did you really think a woman THIS hot would ever fuck an ugly old bitch like you? Do you only think with your tiny disgusting dick or do you actually use your brain? Of course not, I literally walk around the mall in skimpy outfits to lure old pathetic rejects like YOU. I can't believe you thought your dirty little dick was getting anywhere close to me, I only want your MONEY. It's never going to happen, I already have a REAL man in my life. What you're going to do is give me all your credit cards & watch me get ready for this hot date. Afterwards, we'll come back here & fuck all night long while you get NOTHING. It's called chastity for a reason, the cage isn't going anywhere. I've locked you for a reason, I'll be controlling your entire life from now on. You're repulsive, when I max out all your cards tonight I might reward you & unlock you for 15 seconds so you can jerk off to the thought of us having sex loser.

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